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Infinite Human E-books

This is the Jonathan Livingston Seagull of shells.  A Spiritual journey of four shells who lay on a beautiful beach waiting to be crunched to death. The story is about the joy of living and the peace of accepting death as a natural transition into the Oneness of all things. Elizabeth Monroy was inspired to write The Little Shell in Captiva, Florida the largest shelling beach in the world where she and her husband, Peter lived and vacations for many wonderful years. She wrote The Little Shell in the same cottages where Anne Morrow Lindbergh wrote Gifts from the Sea and walked the beach every day mediating on the pages.

After she had finished the book she was approached by a woman from the Hospice who suggested that she write a children’s book to help children deal with death and grief  from a more  spiritual  perspective then she realized she already had.

This powerful book was written by Elizabeth Monroy and her husband,  Peter Monroy, a physician, as they traveled around the World setting up healing centers and working to evolve the healing arts to address the whole human physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. The foundation communicated is an excellent tool for any form of healing and spiritual growth. It is based on their own personal experiences and the teachings they received from their spiritual teachers.

The Magical Mist  is a fairy tale about a little girl whose ragdoll becomes magically alive and transports her to the world of imagination where she munches on jolly jelly and eats purple pudding and meets King Infinite and Queen Fantasia then carries the key to the world of imagination back to Planet Earth only to find it covered with a deadly cloud of disbelief.

This book is designed to empower the creative imagination of children large and small. Inherent in the story i the message that imagination is a powerful and valuble tool and each child’s creative sparkle should be cherished, nutured and never discarded.

Nothing is more important for a vivid and passionate life is to renew oursense of wonder and imagination. The Magical Mist renews our sense of wonder.

Sam Keen author of the best seller Fire In The Belly and Hymns to an Unknown God.

When the Captain of a World War II submarine Captain is fished out of the Bermuda triangle in the year 2025 halting the testing of the planet’s most destructive weaponry to date, Cosmic Energy the President of the Federated States is called in. To complicate the situation the Sub Captain, Captain Corbin is discovered to have transformed his DNA into that of an amphibian.

When Corbin is ordered to explain he begins telling his story, a story of love, adventure and tragedy, a story that in the telling of it heals something deep within him. Corbin recounts the events surrounding World War II and how he pulled out of Pearl Harbor a few days before it was bombed. He tells how his sub sank off of the Marshall Islands and plummeted to into an underwater Cavern leading them to an ancient underwater world called MerWorld...

What a great book…I would fully recommend this book to anyone who is on one of those boring 9 hour flights, it should appeal to military, working professional or folks who just want to get engrossed in a good book…It’s a captivating love story, where deceit, rape and lies, whether above or below the oceans are hard at work…The Author has shown great skill in blending fiction with fact, the past and the present…This mystical love tale of Corbin and Serena makes one feel as if they are present observing this love story unfold below the seas…It also makes you think about the responsibility of stewardship we as people should have of this earth…The Author, Elizabeth has done an excellent job with the Illustrations and Poems she has written throughout this book…In a word, “Brilliant”

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