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Integrating the Divine Feminine/Divine Masculine Artist Retreat


This is a workshop for women who are facing a major transformation in their lives. If you find yourself in the exciting position of re-creating your life a new perhaps you have raised a family and now are facing an empty nest or have lost a partner due to break up, divorce or death. Perhaps you are facing a career change or the loss of a child, parent, friend or significant person in your life. This is an exciting time for you to invest in yourself and paint a completely new life for yourself on your canvass of life, including all aspects of yourself: physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, financially and socially. 


This retreat will involve the healing process of unblocking and healing the heart to free up your true power and divine feminine energy.


You will have the opportunity to do some shadow work to change your past, present, and future and reconnect with power that exists within your softness. You will transform yourself by properly loving yourself and others. You will begin to reconnect to the joy of creative expression and live the Dolce Vita life has in store for you!  


If you feel called to participate please contact us. This will be a life changing event not only for you but the entire planet!

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