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Our Programs:


Infinite Human Life Coaching Certification

Infinite Human Workshop


Artist In Residency Program


Joyful, Authentic, Original Self Expression

Open Your Heart through Art 

 Free Your Creative Spirit

The Tao of Creativity ~ Flowing with the River of Life 

Painting from the Heart & Soul


Dancing Live, Movement Awareness Workshop 

Dance of the Heart Course 

The Divine Romance 

Painting in Nature 

Spirit, Art & Nature


Building Community through the Arts

Evening of Enchantment 

Joyful, Authentic, Original Self Expression 

Candlelight Labyrinth Ceremony 

Centering: Mandala, Labyrinth 


Community performance art & Video Project

Yoga Workshop

4-Week Intensive in Film Production

 Journey into Spirit

  Screenplay Writing

 Acting and Directing for the Camera

  Cinematography and Lighting

  Story Boarding and Preproduction

  Professional Digital Video Production

  Professional Editing and Sound Track & Scoring with Final Cut Pro

  Film Marketing and Distribution 

  Each Student creates their own original Film short.

 Professional Internship Program 


Students are placed into Professional Internships working on Films, Documentaries and /or T.V. Series in Europe.

*Placement depends on students' abilities, interests and what internships have openings at the time.

One Year Professional Certificate in Creative Media

 Production includes the following:

Infinite Human Workshop

Writing from the Soul

The Artist in Residence Program

The 4 Week Intensive

The Professional Internship Program

 Independent Film or Performance Art Project

The project is  created under the supervision

of a  Professional Mentor.

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