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The Infinite Human

Meditation and Mindfulness

Workshop Series


Infinite Human

Meditation and Mindfulness Workshop 2:


 Free Your Divine Feminine!

An Online Workshop


This amazing workshop has been born from years of working with the Art and Alchemical energies of Florence, Italy to transmute students into the higher vibrations of the radiate body. Through the magic of cyberspace, I have organized fun, creative and powerful experiences that will help you transmute your dark side into the light of higher vibrations,  heal your heart freeing your cosmic heart and empowering your divine feminine to help you step into the shoes of an infinite new you!


You will experience a more profound love for yourself. A clearer understanding of who you are and your soul purpose and how you are the author holding the pen that is writing your life story. I will take you on my esoteric Renaissance Tour of Florence, Italy to better understand the past and the amazing time period we have now entered on the planet and help you to connect to your co-creative role in creating a New Infinite Earth!




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