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What People Say 

When the student is ready the teacher will appear...

I was so fortunate to have found Elizabeth. She understood how much pain I was in, and she created the time and space for me to come as soon as possible, which was beneficial to me. The approach she used was very holistic. We spoke first about what was going on, then did tarot, and then reiki, and a lot of changes that I need to make in my life. After having this reiki session, both my physical and emotional state began to improve. I am so grateful to Elizabeth for this experience. Thank you!


Nicki Post, Florence, Italy




Elizabeth really took the time necessary to get to know me in order to understand what I was seeking for life coaching. She helped me explore my issues that were holding me back and allowed my true self to come forward. Elizabeth is great to work with and is enthusiastic and genuine. Seeing her helped me find my direction. I would recommend her to anyone who wants clarity and hope.


Lesley M. M. Prospect, Kentucky


These spiritual foundation worked wonders for me. The hypnotic suggestion reminds you to love yourself always, (something that we need to be reminded of everyday), and it opens you up to allowing positive changes to come into your life. Even after the first class I began to feel better about myself and my future and with time I found I was looking forward to the future, with a sense of wonder and excitement about what was going to happen to me next, instead of the fear I had been feeling before. The classes increased my self-love and positivity while decreasing my fear and negativity. The visualizations focused on increasing our energy levels. These classes gave me the helping hand I needed; gave me the energy I needed to get to a new level of being where I could begin to help myself; where I could meditate better, think more positively, be more calm. Sometimes we just need a helping hand from the outside to get us to this new level; to get past some of our karma. I would recommend these classes to everyone. They would be one of the nicest gifts you could give yourself; a gift of love.” 


Paula Grogan, Freelance Writer


Elizabeth Monroy gave a soul purpose reading to me last fall. It showed me the parts of my soul that I was leaving out and how to activate and reach my limitless potential. So many times in my life I have failed to focus on the things which resonate with my heart. Not everyone will turn their life upside down to move forward but I did. Retiring from my job of many years. I have moved forward with being a healer, teacher and speaker. Thank you, Elizabeth!      


Amos Snider


Elizabeth was so helpful to me with her insights and skills! I knew I wanted to do her Embracing Your Life Purpose because I was in a transitional period in my profession and life. It was very helpful in pointing me into the direction I am now moving in. I have passion once again for a long lost dream! Thank You Elizabeth Monroy


Gwen Jones





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