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Writing from the Soul

 The goal is to unblock the creative flow increasing personal and spiritual growth and connection through art and creative expression helping participants lead a more passionate, creative and deeply connected life while producing art work that is deeply significant. 


This Workshop will take you the Artist through an amazing journey of self discovery. Using Adv. Meditation, Creative Visualization, Transformational Art, Improvisation, Creative Writing, Yoga and Mythic Story Structure. You will develop a profound trust of your own Intuitive Writers Voice and let it guide you in your artistic creations.


The first part of the workshop will examine the esoteric elements in past story structure and its predictive programming. This will be taught through literary segments and film clips. This is to help you to break free of any prior programming and free your own intuitive voice.


You will  have the oppportunity to explore many types of writings such as: short stories, novels, poetry, travel journaling, screenplay writing and more. 



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