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Our Mission

Our Mission is to aid the human to remember they are Infinite Humans and to reclaim their infinite power as divine, multidimensional beings that  create their own reality. From that limitless perspective, you will take ownership of the pen that writes your life story.  You will be empowered to create the life you desire, the love and abundance you deserve and share your unique gifts and talents to create a New Earth!    


This New Consciousness Renaissance will be fueled by artists, poets, philosophers, scientists, writers, filmmakers etc., who have the passion, courage and creativity to   pull our finite fallen world out of the Dark Ages. and into a new direction, the fifth direction as prophesied by the Hopi.  Our goal is to support Visionary Artists, Poets, Writers, Filmmakers, Performance Artists, to tune into the higher frequencies of Infinite  Source within and our ascending Mother Earth and manifest their visions!


We do this through Workshops, Infinite HumanTours and Pilgrimages,  Distance Learning, Webinars, Books, Videos, Flims, Multi-Media exhibitions and much more!





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