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Visionary Artist Programs:

Masters in Creative

Visionary  Media 

                               The Visionary Artist Program 



For too long, highly evolved souls have incarnated on this planet with unique gifts and talents to share, helping us to move beyond the insanity of humanity. So what has our educational system done with all these amazing souls? They have hijacked them using education to indoctrinate, brainwash and pigeonhole them to fit into a broken society. Education has so conditioned students with fear of failing, thinking, feeling or even dreaming that in order to “succeed” they have had to give up the very essence of who they are and why they came here. As a result, most humans end up in a job they hate surrounded by people they can't even communicate with. Few ever recover.


The Infinite Human YOUniverstiy was created to realign education with Infinite Source. To help you remember who you are and why you are here and to support you in manifesting your Vision for humanity!


In a supportive, nurturing environment you will remember how to realign and fine tune yourself with the Divine Infinite so you can infuse your Art with these high-frequency codes to help awaken, activate and liberate humanity!


You will plant the seeds for a New Earth co-creating it with other Visionaries. You will learn how to work not only creatively but energetically so your Visions initiate deep-seated alchemical transmutation of souls, bringing the highest eternal light frequency into this world. 



You will be able to combine and experiment with many different mediums, interact with other Visionaries and create multimedia exhibitions that will raise the vibration of our planet. The program is made up of workshops, residencies,  retreats and professional projects both written and visual. 


Areas of Exploration:





Performance Art



Transformational Art

 Film Production

 Multi-Media Art

 Installation Art

 Interactive Art

* and much more!






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