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Infinite Human
Visionary Artist Retreat

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        Infinite Human Visionary Artist Retreat


  The Human’s needs are not just material but also spiritual in nature. Artists tend to go beyond themselves, to rise up and be transformed, thus transforming both themselves and society. This is the difference between an artist/creator and other living beings. This unique retreat is for those who desire to become  Visionaries free from their current limitations. It is for those who would like to upgrade their life story, expand their creative presence while aligning themselves with the Divine Infinite Source within and giving birth to their Creative Visions, Co-creating the New Earth!


                        Everyone is Born an Artist!


*You do not need to be an Artist, YOU ARE A WORK OF ART!  You only need to have a burning desire to step into your Infinite Human Shoes, become a Visionary and share your Vision with Humanity!


 Retreats Include:

 Lectures, Meditations, Creative Visualizations, Creative Storytelling & Movement, Transformational Art,  Performance Art, Film Making, Mask Making, Sculpting, Yoga and much more!


Using these creative mediums you will explore your current limitations, that are keeping you stuck in the same tired out story. You will have the opportunity to rewrite your life story creating an higher vibratory version of yourself. A life of Joy, Passion, Purpose, Service, and Meaning. The life of your dreams! You will expand your palette to paint your life canvas with vibrant colors that are better attuned to your emerging authentic self and soul purpose. This Retreat is ideal for those who desire to be artists, writers, filmmakers, musicians, or people who are tired of playing it safe  in a finite broken reality and want to experience the creative  passion and expansion of living a vibrant  life attuned to InfiniteSource and their Soul Purpose.


The Esoteric Renaissance Tour


This Tour takes you behind the scenes exposing the hidden history of our planet and exploring the truth hidden in plain site of the Tartarian Culture  it's architecture and technological advancements based on advanced spiritual science. We will the explore occult symbology,  and the practice of Alchemy, Krystic Sacred Science,  and learn ancient  secrets practices to link the organic timelines of our true pastof pre-fall Tara, Atlantis, and Lemuria to create a New Consciousness Renaissance and Ne Earth.


Infinite Human Workshop


Ancient Texts, Artifacts,  Art and Architecture has pointed to this very time in history that we now live in.  Plato referred to our orbit around the galactic sun as The Great Year and the age we are now in as the Golden Age. However, this ancient knowledge had to go underground to survive and was only known by a select few initiates. But now as we move into the higher vibration of truth all those with eyes to see, ears to hear and hearts to know will have the truth revealed to them!


Now you will learn these ancient secrets and how they relate to you today! You the Heroine/ Hero will journey into the hidden history and Ancient Alchemical World to fuel a quantum leap in consciousness and bring about your own personal Consciousness Renaissance. You will uncover secrets passed down through the ages that inspired the artists, writers, philosophers, and scientists.  You will learn to utilize these sacred tools to begin your own Consciousness Renaissance and the Great Work of your Life. We will draw from the Art and Energy of the Ancients with visits to museums, churches, palaces and peeking into the great minds of Michelangelo, DaVinci, Botticelli, Ficino, Lorenzo di Medici and more of the visionaries of the past Renaissance! You will learn how to manifest the kind of life you desire and become a major player in the New Consciousness Renaissance! 


Writing from the Soul Workshop


This Workshop will take you the Writer through an amazing journey of self-discovery by exploring Joseph's Campbell's Mythic Story Structure and working with Jungian Archetypes. You will develop a profound trust of your subconscious and learn to trust your own Intuitive Voice.

Transformational Art:


You will delve into the hidden symbology and mythic themes that all ancient cultures have in common. Learn the secret meanings behind the ancient myths, legends, and symbology which reveal the true history of our planet that has been hidden from view. Learn how to create from your soul and transmit the divine infinite through your creative expression. 


Performance Art Workshop


Performance Art is an artistic language that brings together many synergies, involving the use of one's own body and the actions it performs for the temporary production of a concept. This workshop’s goal is to make ourselves aware of our body as a territory of transformation. My research is based on the belief that only when a thought goes through the body, it becomes real. Human beings have the need to ritualize, this is nothing other than putting into action a thought or an idea in order to give it a space into the world of existence to that idea. This is how performance practice becomes a place of translation, of listening to the body and its own unconscious. Specifically, we will work within dialoguing with the city of Florence. , to give power


This workshop is a catalyst for immense personal growth and positive change and to help you uncover your unique passions, gifts, and talents!




Trips to Museums, Churches, Palaces etc.

 Workshops & Lectures

Daily Meditation Visualizations


Tours & Excursions

Artistic Projects

Performance Art & Filming 

Multi-Media Group Project

And Much More!






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